• Cassie Schutzer

Let Wheat and Weeds Grow Together

This Sunday at Mass, my priest spoke about letting the weeds and the wheat grow together. About how there is both bad and good in the world, and indeed, in our own selves. I heard one time that the line between good and evil runs through the human heart.

No one is just one thing. No one is the sum of their worst moments, or even their best. The messiness of the human condition means that we are a mixed bag. Weeds and wheat.

The feast day of Saint Mary Magdalene was yesterday, and she is an embodiment of this truth. Mary Magdalene met Jesus in the midst of personal struggle. In Mark and Luke, she is mentioned as having "seven demons" driven out of her by Jesus. She was suffering, and probably scared. And yet, she became his friend. She walked with him. She is the one he appeared to after his resurrection. She is the one who was chosen to announce the good news of the empty tomb.

None of us is as holy as we should be; but we aren't beyond redemption, either. God's grace enters in and makes something beautiful out of our imperfection.


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