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Each of us has been chosen by name. Even in our smallness, we can do something great for the world.

I started this blog because, as a writer, I needed an outlet for the many zillions of thoughts I have bouncing around my head at any given time.

So then I thought: "Is there a bigger purpose? A way to spread positivity? Share the message of the One that saved my life? And also tell stories of people who have inspired me? And commiserate when things get tough? And share the dozens of bizarre situations in which I find myself?"

So here we are.

But why Chosen By Name? For the simple reason that we are each plucked out of our lives, called to be more than we are, chosen for a special purpose. Each of us has a part to play in the mystery of Christ: his life, death and resurrection.

Some of my favorite examples are women that I look up to every day. Women that have marked my own faith:

A young woman named Mary from Galilee was chosen to make the most life-changing "yes" the world has ever seen. Lk 1:26-38

In the course of his ministry, Jesus chose to enter Samaria to meet a woman drawing water from a well. He spoke words of love and forgiveness to her, and she was changed. Jn 4:4-42

The first person chosen to encounter the risen Jesus was a woman from Magdalene who had been healed by him. He spoke her name, and she knew him. Jn 20:11-18

We, like these women, are chosen for some purpose. Jesus knows our name. No matter how small the action, we can do something good.

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