• Cassie Schutzer


Sometimes in the midst of the craziness of life, we need to create holy ground for ourselves. *cue Taylor Swift song*

COVID-19 has disrupted so many parts of our lives, but the biggest one for me is my ability to go to Mass. Or even to the church. It's made me realize: I need to create my own space to connect with God. To pause, sit back, and have that all-important quiet time. Not just quiet in terms of noise, but a quietness of the soul. A place where I am at peace.

On the porch of my house in Oak Island, right in the corner where the railings meet, is a high-top table with a single chair. I carry out my blanket, my bible and my cup of coffee for an hour with Jesus.

From my chair, I can hear the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the shore, smell the flowers and salt mingle together into a scent that Bath and Body Works wishes they could, feel the breeze as it ruffles my hair and the pages of my journal. There are bees buzzing from branch to branch, carrying out their small part of the great story of creation. Birds are all chirping at the same time, making me think of the Real Housewives episode that my sister made me watch last night. I laugh out loud at the thought. My laugh adds to the noise around me, and it's not out of place.

Here, in my single chair, on the porch in the corner, heaven and earth are meeting to bring me this moment. I feel like I'm in the nexus of creation. I look around and see the divine plan at work on earth. Things of heaven are meeting things of earth, and it is good.


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