• Cassie Schutzer

Hold Fast to the Truth

Before I left for college, my youth minister told me in no uncertain terms that my faith would be tested once I left the comfort of my home and the things that were familiar to me.

Sometimes, all it takes is one word to undo years of catechesis. One small seed of doubt to shake a lifetime of faith.

In the reading today, Paul tells the Thessalonians not to be alarmed by statements that seem to hold truth, but are actually deceiving.

Jesus speaks the same thing to each of us. In the face of doubt or confusion, we have to hold fast to the Truth of who Jesus is and who we are. He is our God; we are his beloved. Anything that seeks to tell us different is not from God.

In life, there will be moments of doubt and questioning. That's unavoidable, and just part of being human. But believe that through it all, His gaze never falls from us. He never grows weary of us. Jesus' love never wavers.


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