• Cassie Schutzer

He Sees the Whole Picture

Have you ever been frustrated by an unanswered prayer?

Or one that was answered, but not the way you wanted?

Or maybe not in the time frame you asked for?

In the last couple of weeks, I've received a few unwanted answers myself in the form of slammed doors. I can't help but wonder what God is trying to do in my heart and what direction he's leading me.

I think a lot of times, we're like visitors at an art museum. We get so close to the painting in order to inspect it and see the details that we lose sight of the whole work of art. God not only sees the whole painting, but the art gallery as well.

He holds all of time and creation in his gaze.

As hard as it can be to pray, we know that God is patient with us and always hears what we bring him in prayer. When met with a slammed door, trust that He has more abundant graces in store. When resolution isn't coming, pray for trust in His timing.

Trust the big picture to Him.


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