• Cassie Schutzer

He Makes Beautiful Things

My church is holding outdoor Masses during COVID, and the the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion carry white umbrellas during the distribution of the Eucharist.

This weekend, one umbrella was a little more...well...busted than the others. It looked like it had been in a fight with a much stronger umbrella right before Mass. Nevertheless, it was held high and proud over Fr. Chris as he distributed the Eucharist.

The sight of this umbrella made me tear up. First from laughter, because it really did look silly. But then from the thought that: "God makes such beautiful things out of brokenness." Even in the midst of darkness, sin and inner chaos, God can use us for good.

That umbrella, crumpled as it was, provided a cover of reverence for Jesus present in the Eucharist. When we bring our brokenness to the Lord, he redeems it and makes something beautiful. We have everything we need to follow him.


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