• Cassie Schutzer

God Plants in All Types of Soil

In the Gospel story this Sunday, Jesus tells us about the sower who planted seeds on different types of ground.

Some seeds were eaten by birds. The seeds that fell on rocky ground withered because they couldn't grow roots. The seeds that fell among thorns were choked. It seemed like only a small portion of the seeds fell on rich soil.

"What is actually wrong with this sower?" I thought.

Because it really does seem like he's not very good at his job. Why wouldn't he plant all of the seeds in fertile soil? It seems such a waste to do anything else.

But when we think of our own life and the kind of God we have, we are grateful that he would "waste" his seeds on rocky and thorny ground.

The truth is that we all go through seasons where His Word is more or less fruitful in our life. But thank goodness he plants it anyways! God is so generous and reckless in his love for us, that he would plant it in our hearts no matter how thorny they are. Even if he won't be loved in return, he loves us perfectly.

And we are asked to do the same! No person is a waste of our time; no heart is too hardened to receive love. We just need to take a page out of the sower's book and plant recklessly wherever we go.


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