• Cassie Schutzer

Be Open and Receptive to His Word

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the things you wish you could change about the world? So much seems out of our control. How can we ever do enough to address the imbalances that exist?

Mary gives us another way of approaching the world.

Mary is receptive to God's action in her life, totally open. Her strength lies in hearing God's word, responding in trust and being completely open to the working of the Spirit. She understands that God is the principal actor in all of this, and we are his embodiment on earth.

This doesn't mean we are passive at all! It also doesn't take away our agency or mean that we can't do anything.

Mary herself gives perhaps the most important yes in history. She chooses to act in her moment in time for the good of all. When we take the approach of Mary and remain in active readiness to receive the Word of God, we can also say "yes" when he calls us. First we get to know God as Mary did, growing in trust and in knowledge of his heart. Once we know Him, we can make Him known to the world.


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