and it is so nice to meet you. However you got here, I'm glad to spend this time with you.

To tell you a bit about me: I'm a twenty-something who loves the Lord, loves life and loves people and their stories. I have the soul of an 80-year-old retired woman, use way too many exclamation points and never learned how to whistle. 


Likes: musicals, baking, concerts, car trips and people-watching. Dislikes: tomatoes. 

I am inspired by the calling of the disciples: from Mary, the chosen mother of God to Mary Magdalene, the apostle of the apostles to the woman at the well to the present-day saints in my life. My life is marked by different people who were chosen by God.

This blog is a way to share my faith journey: (mostly) unfiltered, (hopefully) entertaining but always genuine.

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